Podcast Guerrilla Marketing Group

Podcast Guerrilla Marketing Group

GFM Episode 244 - Petra on Tour - Pilates - more than just sport


Today Petra's guest:
Catherina Burkhardt, owner of Pilates Studio Berlin.

Catherina is a founder and is asked by Petra about her motives and challenges in starting up. Leaving a safe comfort zone and entering "uncharted territory" requires a fair amount of courage. Today, she tells us that Catherina has it and is very determined and what else she needs to successfully pull off her plan. Maybe you already know her from Petra's newsletter article (Was Sie bei Pilates für die Kaltakquise lernen können?) and now you have the pretty face and the voice to go with it.

And if you want to know more and maybe do something good for your body, here is the link to her studio!

Go for the (marketing) muscles, there's still something going on - this week at GuerrillaFM!